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Senior Spotlight - Bailey Koski

By DC Everest Football, 10/11/18, 10:45AM CDT


Meet Senior OL/DL Bailey Koski


What are your team and/or personal goals this football season?

To have the most fun season possible.

What are your plans after high school?

Go to college for kinesiology

If you plan on going to college, what are your Top 3 College Choices?

Milwaukee,Oshkosh, and Point

Do you want to play a sport in College? If yes, which sport?

Track and football

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Athletic trainer

What other Sports do you play?


Who was your favorite coach growing up & why?

My favorite coach growing up has to be Coach Bohm. He was always such an inspiration to me and he always pushed everyone to the next level. I also have a lot of respect for Coach Strehlow because no coach can just come in and instantly turn a team around. It takes time and for him just starting out of course our season isn’t going to go prefect we all have to learn and adjust to new environments. It takes a lot to be able to take all the negativity from parents, fans, and students towards the football team. But I strongly believe that coach Strehlow is on the right track to help take DCE football to the next level.

How does playing football impact your academic performance?

Football automatically holds you to higher standards so you have to push yourself even more. Academically you have to challenge yourself even more because football takes up most of your time and you have to make sure you stay on top of everything and be able to balance school and football.

What life-lesson(s) did you learn playing football?

That you always have to be there for your brother. If you screw up there should be 10 other people on the field with you picking you up. You can’t be selfish because it’s a team sport and everyone has to do their job because if one person screws up then everyone screws up.

Would you ever consider coaching & why?

I would consider coaching because I would like to be able to take what I know from years of experience and pass it down to other people to help them succeed more and so hopefully they would do the same.

Favorite Song in 2018?

Lucid Dreams by Juice WRLD