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Senior Spotlight - Jac Landry

By DC Everest Football, 10/08/18, 1:30PM CDT


Oct 12th - DCE Senior Night

Meet Senior RB/DB - Jac Landry


What are your team and/or personal goals this football season?

My personal goals are to do what ever I can to help my team succeed

What are your plans after high school?

Going into the Navy

What other Sports do you play?

Track and field

Who was your favorite coach growing up & why?

My favorite coach growing up is probably Strehlow because he was always there for me when I was dealing with some personal issues

How does playing football impact your academic performance?

Playing football had a huge impact on my academics because if I had missing assignments I wouldn’t be able to practice which wouldn’t allow me to play that Friday

What life-lesson(s) did you learn playing football?

I learned that if everyone works together and trusts everyone else that they can overcome any obstacle

Would you ever consider coaching & why?

I would consider coaching football at Everest so I can give back to the program that I was apart of.

Favorite Song in 2018?

Whole squad ready